Studio apartments KOROSTELJEV are private accommodation located near center of Osijek. It is situated in a nice and quite street far from traffic jam and noise, still close enough to all of city offerings. It is an ideal place for every visitor in this city no matter how long will their stay be . If you are looking for a comfy, peaceful, comfortable and top of the class accommodation offering silence and privacy visit us for you wont find any of these in a hotel.

Osijek is a city located in the east part of Croatia, placed on the right bank of river Drava, not far from confluence of river Danube Osijek is the biggest city in province of Slavonija and fourth major city in Croatia. Osijek is the center of administration, university, industry and sport in Slavonija, well known for its historical and cultural sights, natural beauty resorts and rich native gastronomy offerings. Walking along the streets of Osijek it will reveal to you long its history and see archaeological excavations of ancient Mursa (former roman colony) in Down town part of the city. You will witness Baroque fortress and city architecture dating from 19th century located in the Upper part of the city. This will eventually lead you to modern and urban center of the New part of the city with its settlements South, South II., Retfala and industrial neighborhood. Osijek is a city with largest areas of green surfaces in Croataia with 17 parks making a total of 394 000 m2. For those that love cultural sightseeing, Museum of Slavonija and Archaeological museum offer rich displays and Croatian National Theater plays great variety of drama and opera shows. Thanks to great road links you can visit natural and cultural sights such as archdiocese center of Đakovo, wildlife of park Kopački rit, Vukovar (the city of heroes), hot spa resort Bizovac, Ilok (city furthest to the east of Croatia) or vine road of Baranja and former imperial hunting ground Belje-Tikveš.

No matter whether you are on business trip or just or on a vacation, the city of Osijek will always make you feel welcome.

Studio apartmani Korosteljev, Ljubljanska 18, 31 000 Osijek, tel: +385(0)98-223-780, e-mail: studioapartmani.korosteljev@gmail.com